Throwback Thursday



Throwback Thursday with my dude Wes, one of my close friends.

This was a couple years ago, probably one of the best shapes I’ve ever been in. I was weighing in around 153-155. This was the biggest and most lean I’ve ever been. Also strongest. There was a lot I was doing to help but one thing that was a main source was my training partner.

Having a training partner is a huge key to success. That or a trainer. Someone who will push you to the next level. If there was one thing I had at that point, it was a solid training partner that would push me to be better in the gym and out.

I currently don’t lift with anyone and sometimes that’s just the way it is. Not a lot of friends like waking up early each morning. So if possible, grab someone that will better you and get to work 💪🏼


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