With healthy nutrition habits you can literally change your life! The saying “food is fuel” is strongly believed in here, and I want to help you create a habit of eating healthy while still being able to enjoy life. I will be incorporating some topics such as:

– Recipes
– Healthy snack ideas
– Nutrition tips and hacks
– Benefits of certain vitamins and foods

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4 Tips to Starting and Keeping Your Weight Loss Resolution

So here we are. We made it out of 2020, and you’ve made a new year resolution to get healthy and shed that extra weight. You’re extremely motivated and excited. You go sign up for a gym membership that you’ve now committed yourself to for the next year. You rush to your local sporting goods…

The Ultimate Christmas List For The Fitness Lover

It’s almost time for Black Friday! Which means Christmas is already around the corner. When shopping for someone that’s into fitness, there’s a couple things to pay attention to.  Some people can be very picky. Not because they are a picky person but because of different factors that are involved in their training. Some things…

How To Smoothie

Into smoothies and protein shakes? So am I! When I started to do my first couple smoothies, I wasn’t exactly sure how to start. I have always been one to do a traditional protein shake consisting of a scoop of protein and milk. So when I tried to wrap my head around putting spinach in…


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Supplements & Vitamins

Supplements can be a great tool. Do you need supplements? It depends on the individual. Some supplements can really aid in reaching goals. It can make things a little more simple and speed up progress in certain situations. In these posts, you will learn more on supplements and vitamins such as what is what, how they work and what you might be looking for.