Max’s Progress

   BEFORE                                              AFTER

My good buddy Max who has been following my workout programs has made some great progress in a very short amount of time! I believe that he will only improve his physique from here on out. By the looks of the pictures above, you wouldn’t notice a very big chance but he is making fitness a habit and starting to make some great headway! He is very active already so it was easy to get him started and heading in the right direction.

I had introduced him into a benching program mixed with a great hypertrophy plan to gain some solid muscle. I made a few tweaks and gave advice on some cardio to try as well.

From the bench program, he could only complete a couple reps on his last couple sets. By week 4, he crushed those numbers! He really improved on form and seemed to have some fun with the program!

His bodyweight dropped from about 165 to 150 after he made some big diet changes!

He now weighs in at about 155 but looks clean and solid!

Here is a testimonial from Max for you guys to hear from him:

“How as Alex helped me? Where do I begin? Lets start with fitness. Ive always been a pretty active individual, sports as a child, running and biking with my dad, hiking in the mountains with my family and rock climbing. These are all great, don’t get it twisted. I was healthy, but I wasn’t anywhere near where I could be. The freshman 15 hit me my first year of college, my diet sucked, and my sleep schedule was even worse. 

  Enter Alex Costa, or as he’s know to a lot of us, Costalottamoney. I asked if he would help trian me, any way he wanted to, and he did. Alex set me up with a killer training program. Easy to follow and full of exciting workouts. He made sure to check up on me and keep me on top of my workouts. He also shared his extensive knowledge of diets and healthy eating with me. Helping me find a meal plan that would keep me active, full, and energized for a workout. Before I knew it I was shredding body fat and building clean, lean muscle. I immediately began to feel less lethargic during the day and woke up ready to take over the world. I can’t thank him enough for the impact he’s had on my life as a whole. 

   I’m a firm believer that discipline is key to success in life. Seeing how diligent Alex is , not only in his own life but training me and his other clients, has pushed me to be  more disciplined in multiple aspects of life. 

   All I have to say in closing is this: If you are looking for a just another personal trainer. Alex might not be your guy. BUT, If your looking for one of the best, most diligent, talented, nicest, takes-the-time-to-sit-down-with-you, all around helluva great person trainers out there. Alex is for sure the man you’ve been looking for. “


-Max Koontz

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