What can Costafitness do for you?


You may see the link but ask what is this and what could I use this for. The answer is quite simple, and I will explain⬇️

-It’s getting to be that time of the year where everyone wants to make that change. In about a month the gym will slowly start to decrease. You know it, I know it. I am trying to make sure that I help you by adding motivation into your life, and KEEPING it there so you keep coming back to the gym!

I don’t only want to help you and add value to what you are capable of in the gym but outside the gym as well. I want to help you be the best YOU, that you can be. I offer things that you can learn in the gym and transfer into everyday life.

VAULT OF GAINZ- this is an exercise library which has been very popular for my viewers! I have an easy to access video selection that is broken up to see what muscle groups you are hitting! I also add more each month.

VIDEOS, ARTICLES, VLOGS AND BLOGS that will give you the most education and entertainment possible. The videos will go over numerous variables such as training advice and tips to the vlogging experiences of the journeys I am going through!

-I will post workouts to try, challenges and even host online competitions with a reward for the winners! (STAY TUNED)

-Making a change in your fitness will start with what food you put into your body. I will aid you in dieting advice to make sure you are getting the most out of the work you put into the gym!

-NEED EXTRA HELP? I am a NESTA certified trainer and I am here to help you get from your current health and fitness status to your health and fitness goals as quickly and safely as possible! I will be offering online training sessions so you have everything you need at the touch of your phone. I will also hold in person sessions if you need that extra push!

I believe that this can change the game for you. I will offer everything to you so that you can make the CHANGE you have always wanted!

Thank you for the support. I hope this blog helps you going into 2017!!


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