Strength Topic Q&A

I took some questions I got about strengtha dn put them into a Q&A video so you can learn from them! We talk about bench, vertical jumps and more! Hope you like the video and hopefully it helps you out!!

5 Minute Ab Workout For Home

Todays video is a complete ab workout you can get done in just 5 MINUTES!! You do not need any equipment either so it can be done at home when you wake up or before bed. I hope you all like the content so far, thanks for the support, I will be back tomorrow with another video! If you want me to make a video over anything just send me an email or message!

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5 Weight Loss Tips You AREN’T Doing

Welcome to day #2 of the video project where I am bringing you a video piece of content EVERYDAY for 30 days straight.

TODAY, I am giving you 5 weight loss tips most of us aren’t doing or don’t pay attention to. If you follow these and stay consistent then you have a higher chance of losing weight and cutting a lot faster! With that being said, lets jump into todays video!!



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Benefits to Warming up Your Rotator Cuffs



Rotator cuffs are generally a BIG discussion anymore. Everyone has a shoulder pain that ends up being diagnosed as a rotator cuff problem.  This video explains some of the mistakes made when warming up your rotator cuff muscles. It goes over a few different methods to warm them up properly so you don’t run into shoulder problems. Follow these exercises about 2-3sets of 20 repetitions before an upper body workout involving shoulder movement and you will notice a very big difference of how primed up your shoulders now feel.

This is also a great movement to try before bench, while warming up because the rear delts are the antagonist muscle in the bench press. When warmed up properly, you will feel more stable and could possibly make a 10-20 pound difference on your BENCH!

The rotator cuff is composed of 4 muscles:

  1. Supraspinatus
  2. Subscapularis
  3. Infraspinatus
  4. Teres minor

Together, these muscles help with abduction, extension, external rotation and internal rotation. These muscles are located in the posterior deltoid as seen in the picture below.

Image result for rotator cuff muscles                                                                    picture from

Go try this and see how the effect is for you! Thank you too all that have been showing support, it means so much. I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

-Alex Costa-

3 different battle rope variations-VIDEO


If your gym has battle ropes, give these rope variations a try!!  Battle ropes are a great endurance exercise. They will destroy your shoulders as well! I would definitely recommend these to athletes for strong shoulders and core.