Weigh ins at Old School Gym!-VIDEO



Woke up feeling confident in my weigh in. My weight was put in at 147.8 so I will qualify in the 148 class. Right after I got off the scale, I drank lots of water then dug into the Reese’s and Kit-Kats. My buddies and I went to IHOP after and I ordered pancakes, eggs and bacon. I have been eating a lot all day and drinking plenty of water and Gatorade.

I am excited for the meet tomorrow! Thank you all for the support and all the positive messages. I will post more videos going into the meet tomorrow so stay tuned!!


Picking food for after weigh ins-VIDEO



My buddy Wes and I made a trip to a local grocery store and put together a video of what I bought to eat after I weigh in Friday morning. I briefly explain why I get some of the things  I do. I made this for the first power meet experience, I will bring you guys with me the rest of the week for weigh ins, the meet and meet recap!

Oh and by the way, that is 11,820 calories-1,767 carbohydrates-236 grams of protein just in what I bought!


0ae81dc1-5a9a-4703-a573-bdcfbf46068a I had a chance to attend a great fitness seminar last night at Fit Club Columbus. It was ran by Reebok, along with some of their professional sponsored athletes such as Cory Gregory, Silent Mike and Julie Foucher. I had a lot of wisdom and value shared to me by these 3. I did not write this to just share my experience but to also share a big lesson that is ESSENTIAL for being great in what you love. That lesson is to go learn from those who are doing it and especially SUCCESSFULLY doing it. This seminar was a great way for me to grow as a trainer and really gain more knowledge to use and teach to others.

Now again just because my passion evolves training doesn’t mean yours will. Lets say you dream of owning a pizza shop, there is not going to be a lot of seminars on how to do this haha so you will have to in a way, “make your own seminar”. When I say this, I simply mean go and find a local pizza shop that has had a lot of success. From there a good thing to do is go inside and ask who the owner is and if you can speak to him. A lot of times this will take some time because it is an owner and they are usually busy keeping track of different things for their business. MOST people ask once and if the owner is not there then they leave and never come back. If you want to become great in what you are passionate about then it is crucial that you leave messages, show up the next day or just simply ask for a business card to get in touch with him yourself. I know this may sound like you are annoying them but this is a step that so many people don’t do and that’s why they are stuck without an answer and sometimes a possible opportunity to have a mentor in this passion of theirs. It is all because they tried once and quit.

I believe that there is so much value when you go speak to someone or visit them and hear them speak about what they love doing IN PERSON. There is something about how they talk about this topic, you will notice even in their voice what it truly means to them. I absolutely love hearing about what people love doing in life and how they are impacted by this.

A big thing that people also neglect is “continued learning” after they find this passion and make it an income from it. If it is truly YOUR passion then why would you want to stop learning about it? I like to listen to anyone and everyone talk about fitness such as what they do in the gym and how it worked for them. I personally learn a lot from conversations like this whether its about a  new exercise they performed or a lift that may not work as good as you think. I always take any considerations I hear.

I hope you all find something that you would be fine waking up at 3 AM to do and staying up late to keep working at it, that’s when you know you love what you do.


As always, thank you for the support and keep getting better!                                                                                            Alex Costa


Have a plan A

alexs-cert I cannot explain the importance of having a plan. Not just a plan for what you and your buddies are gonna do this weekend or what you’re planning on having for dinner. I am talking about in life. Make a plan A and don’t look back because sometimes you won’t get a chance to have a plan B. This is where you step up to the plate and swing away.

I encourage you to write your plan down. Break it down if you need to almost like a task list. This is what I did on September 1st. I wrote down my plan on how I was going to make a change in my life and get certified to do what I love so I could help make a change in others lives. It is now November 23rd and you can see in the picture above that I succeeded in what I set out to do.NOT every time will be a win, remember that and keep fighting if that is the case. I began by writing a 5 step plan, and #1 on the list was to sign up and start a certification process. Your step one does not have to be this of course but if you want to find a new job for example, then you have to sit down and make a list of places to grab an application from and or think of where would be a good fit for you.

Some people don’t like to make a plan A because they start to think “if this fails, what will be my plan B?” It’s okay to have a plan B in some scenarios but DO NOT just fall on this little pillow of a plan B you have or you might as well settle for average the rest of your life. I am not saying that if you attempt plan A and do not succeed, you’re a failure. I am simply saying to bring everything and hold nothing back when chasing after what you want in life, whether it’s a small plan or big plan. Don’t watch the perfect pitch pass you by when you thought to swing on it.

So what will your plan be? Are you planning on getting back in shape? Are you planning on chasing after that job opportunity you always dreamed of? Whatever it may be, attach YOUR plan from every angle and don’t always settle for plan B.


Thank you for the support and all the congrats on the cert. I appreciate it all!

-Alex Costa