Another year, another trip to the largest fitness expo in the world. Taylor & I had a blast this year! I was very happy I could meet some of my idols and fitness leaders in the industry to ask some questions about daily habits and secrets they use to help so many people.

If you were able to go to the Arnold, tell me who you met and what your favorite part was!

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-Alex Costa-


VLOG – Sorry for This

I am posting a vlog today that will inform you about a lot of stuff I am getting ready to do with Costafitness. I have been working hard to bring you some new features and more content that will help you out more than ever. There will be new things added to the website and I can’t wait to show you guys whats all coming out!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Time for me to head to the dentist :/
   -Alex Costa-

Halloween VLOG

For my buddy Aj and I, going to chipotle for Halloween is becoming an annual thing. I figured I would vlog some of the day. Sorry it is not a long vlog but I thought the costume was kind of funny so I recorded a lot of that haha. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day!

IT’S NOVEMBER!! Where has the time gone.. On a good note, this is my favorite part of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Have a great Wednesday!
-Alex Costa-


I am excited to bring you something I will be doing for this month of October! This is my introduction video to the whole month of DAILY CONTENT. I will be posting a video to YouTube and EVRYDAY this month. The videos will be over a lot whether its a vlog for your entertainment or a nutrional video, exercise tips, speed/agility, Q&A, or even one of our workouts, you will have something NEW EVERYDAY! Sometimes the computer I use has issues uploading but we’re going for broke here! Tune in everyday to both platforms and see what I post to help you! I will probably have the daily post up anywhere around 9am -12pm each day. I hope you guys enjoy this, I am excited to bring you all of this free content!!

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-Alex Costa-

VLOG #21 SOLAR ECLIPSE-my eyes were almost melted..


August 21st, 2017 was the big day of the solar eclipse! I had no glasses and heard the whole town was sold out! I make some calls and find out how I can get my hands on some. I also have a blonde moment and look at the eclilpse without my glasses… I hope you guy were able to experience this breathtaking moment! Have a great day and enjoy the week! The next eclipce is supposed to be in 2024!

Tell me all about your experience in the comments below and in my messages!

                -Alex Costa-



Welcome to vlog #20! Taylor and I made a trip to Cleveland this past weekend to visit the rock and roll hall of fame. There was a clip here and there that was deleted unfortunately. I love doing vlogs like these ones so I hope you enjoy it and find some entertainment in your day!

Have a great Tuesday!

       -Alex Costa-


There’s going to be another Costa wedding!!

So for all of you that do not know, my brother has asked his girlfriend to marry him! This is awesome, and I am very happy for them. I just want to make it clear that I am not the one getting engaged, again it is MY BROTHER that is engaged haha. I just didn’t want any confusion. Also I would like to apologize for my delayed vlog, the beginning of this vlog started about 3 weeks ago I believe. I have been having trouble editing and uploading my videos so I am going to try and have it looked at and see what other options I can try.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on new software I should try then just leave a comment below! Other than all of that, I hope you all have an amazing day and enjoy the week! Do a random act of kindness today and help others.


-Alex Costa-



Thanks for checking out vlog #18! I got a chance to see my brother that is a part of the police department go against the fire department in an ice cream eating contest. It was funny and entertaining! I got to catch firworks with Taylor and then go back to Burr Oak for stay #2!

I have been very busy getting all of my online work done lately. I have some clients building up for my online training service which has taken time to help them as well. I am excited to get to meet everyone signing up for my online training! I have some new possible athletes I will be working with as well.

New training equipment has came in for my athletes as well. We now have a
-Squat rack
-Speed sled
-More speed parachutes
-More speed ladders
-Foam roller

I am excited to get it out and use with some of the clients!

Want to train with me?

Send me an email TODAY!
Send emails to

I hope everyone is having a great week!
                    -Alex Costa-

VLOG #17 Burr Oak Resort


I apologize for not posting much the last few weeks especially the vlog. I posted some really popular articles on the website last week and plan on delivering more content to help you all out through the summer!

This weeks vlog was actually shot a couple weeks ago so I just want to mention that now. My buddy Aj and I went to a resort/lodge called Burr Oak. We just stayed for one night and have a get away from work and just relax. We did as much as we could during our stay so I figured it would be a good time to shoot a vlog and share our experience with you! Check it out and see if you would stay here or not!


I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying all of the fireworks. Happy 4th of July! Be safe and have fun.

-Alex Costa-