Nicki’s Training Review


Nicki is one of the online clients I have spent time with to help her in her fitness journey. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for quiet a while now. She is in the U.S Navy and helps to serve our country! I alway have a large amount of respect for anyone that will take time away from their family and friends to ensure we are able to live in freedom!

The programming that was designed for Nicki was set up more to tone up and result in fat loss. Usually when you program for fat loss, you will be building muscle as you proceed with the program. Due to the cardio regime Nicki was placed on, she was able to get more of a fat loss result which is the changes you see in the images above. She has also boosted her confidence in herself and in her ability for her PT test for the Navy.

Nicki had provided a training testimonial that I will share with you:

“I have accomplished so much that I wished for. Before I was confident but not as confident as I am now. The change in my appearance was fantastic. The thing I loved the most about the program is that it is designed for what I’m needing to change not just a basic workout plan. I feel so much stronger than before! I can tell a big difference from when I started working out to now. I’m not struggling anymore when practicing for my PT test. I’m so happy with what I look like now. Thanks Costa!”

-Nicki Miller-

If you would like to sign up for my one on one online fitness training, simply shoot me an email at and we can discuss what I can do to help you in your fitness journey. I have some spots open currently!

Thank you for the support! Please feel free to send me any questions you have. Have a great Tuesday!!
-Alex Costa-



Jordan’s Training Review


Jordan Dartis #35 Ohio University

Jordan is a starting shooting guard at Ohio University. He has had an amazing basketball career and is continuing into his Junior year in this upcoming season. He has held scoring records at Newark High School during his high school basketball career. He has also “broke Ohio’s single season 3-point shooting percentage record last year by shooting 48 percent from beyond the arc as a freshman. Named to the All-MAC Freshman team” as said on He is killing it right now and I had a chance to work with him through my online training programming.

Here is what Jordan said when I asked about how the programming has been going:

“They are doing very well for my hips! I saw a difference in when I’m playing. I can move a lot better and some of the extra core work has me feeling my best yet bro! I appreciate it!”

The things that he needed to work on was his hip flexibility and core strength. Flexibility and core strength are two of the most important aspects of the game for an athlete. When programming for Jordan, I made sure to incorporate a few main core movements to increase his core strength, like variations of planks, wood choppers to help the obliques increase activation for movement on the court and another main movement that is big for him. Since he wanted to work on core and hip flexibility, I added hanging toe raises/toes to bar. This exercise will not only force him to call upon more muscle fibers, but work his hip flexors as well. The iliopsoas, or inner hip muscles, which is made up of the Psoas major and Iliacus muscle, are the hip flexor muscles that are commonly called upon for athletes. These muscles need to be strengthened and flexible for any athlete. The toes to bar movement causes activation through these muscles due to the legs coming up into a flexed position at the hips. As the knees, or any part of the leg, wants to come up, the core and iliopsoas must work together through this movement to complete the exercise. This is like killing two birds with one stone in my opinion.

hip flexor

When I had designed a personalized program for Jordan, I made a video to go over the stretches and exercises he would perform. The videos have been a big client favorite because it can clear up any confusion on what exercise is which. He had exercises that most have not heard of so I believe this was helpful for that reason as well.

Here is what Jordan had written for his testimonial review:

“The workouts that I was put through to help strengthen my core and be more flexible in my hips have been amazing for me. I can tell a big difference in the way I move and how I play. The video put together was a good video and showed good examples of how the workout should be done. Very simple explanation, very solid work!”

                -Jordan Dartis-

If you are one that is interested in training then shoot me an email at and we can talk about what I can do to get you where you want to be! I have spots open for July! I have an online training service for gym goers that want to lose weight, increase muscle tone, gain mass and size or want to get stronger. I am also offering some training spots for ANY athletes trying to increase their performance and take it to the next level! I offer a few limited spots for in-person training that you can also ask me about in email. I will be releasing more reviews and testimonials through the next few weeks to show you all the awesome clients I have been working with! 

Have a great day!
-Alex Costa-

Kym Royster’s Testimonial



I have moved to online fitness coaching. I am taking clients that need help in the gym whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle or getting ready for a show. I’ve helped them all. For anybody that does not know, I received my certification as a speed, agility and quickness specialist recently so I have been taking on more athletes online as well!

I had a chance to work with Kym Royster, a starting power forward at Indiana University. I have known her since high school. She’s a very talented student athlete that has a love for the game.

Kym needed help with lateral speed and working on her vertical, so I put together an online program to help out. She was able to write a review on how everything went. Here is what she had to say:

“Hello my name is Kym Royster and would like to share my review on Alex’s workout program he created for me. The workout he created for me was to help me quicken my lateral movement and to also help me better my vertical jump. Since I have added in the parts of Alex’s workout that I was not already doing, I, along with my strength coaches have noticed some changes. They have made comments on how much better and quicker I have been moving lateral and I have also PR’d on my vertical jump and am jumping almost two inches higher. Since this workout was specifically formulated for an athlete trying to tweak a few things to better their performance, I would highly recommend it.”

                                                                                   -Kym Royster-

This is what one of the lateral speed training days look like that I had programmed for Kym. Try this out if you need to develop more speed laterally. She had a special made video sent to her by me that would walk her through any exercises she did not know how to perform. I believe that is one of the unique things I offer when you do my online training. I make sure you are 100% ready to get to the next level.

Thursday (Speed Training Day) Focus on lateral speed

(warm up) 

  • Band side shuffle warmup 2 sets of 10 steps each way

  • Side shuffle (5 yards) to sprint (10-15 yards) 4 sets each way

  • One leg lateral jump to a sprint  (10 yd sprint) 3 sets each way

  • In/Outs in ladder or line 3 sets of 30 seconds

  • Hip flexor holds with band 3 sets of 10-15 seconds each leg


If you are looking for help in a sport or in the gym, and are interested in training then shoot me an email at and we can discuss what I can do to help you be a stand out athlete and meet any of your goals through my online training service!

I hope everyone is doing well, have a great day!
-Alex Costa-