Clark’s 40 Pound Transformation


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Around the end of the year in 2017, I remember getting a tweet from Clark saying how a shoulder burnout I had posted was no joke haha. He reached out to me again later that month and he had told me how he was using my information from the website. I have stayed in touch with him ever since and man has he been killlllllin it!! He’s down 40 pounds and counting!!! He has changed his lifestyle for the better between the way he eats and the amount of exercise he does. I was so happy to see his progress picture he had posted, and I can’t wait to see what his transformation will look like in a couple more months of hard work.

He has goals set out and everything, which I believe is huge if you want to make a transformation like his. He also post a lot about what he eats and some of his workout information which keeps him accountable to his followers. He is a great dude with an awesome work ethic and I am so glad I was able to help. Here is a testimonial that he had written about the website content:

“The way I think Alex has helped me the most throughout my transformation, is the fact that he recognizes beginners. Most every other page/website I went to to find some info on strength training really just told me what to do, but not how to do it. Alex has TONS of videos posted giving broken down instruction on tons of exercises and stretches that really allow you to understand what you’re doing, and gives you something to go off of when you watch yourself in the mirror during your actual workouts. His recipes are also awesome, and pretty delicious. I haven’t tried too many of them, but really helpful for someone who may just be getting started and doesn’t quite know their way around their food yet. All in all, its great stuff. His website is definitely worth checking out. A lot of my transformation is thanks to his videos and content.”



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Instagram: clark_xr7

Twitter: @Clark_Umpire


Thank you for reading this post, I hope this gives you motivation to get started on working towards your goals or to kick it up a notch. If you need anything at all, I am always on the website or my social media platforms so stop by and leave a message or ask a question. I love trying to help people with anything I can especially fitness related! I also offer training if you need a little more accountability and instructions on everything. I do in-person sessions as well as online training so feel free to send me an email at and we can get you taken care of. I hope you are all having a great day and working hard at your goals! Hit me up and let me know what your goals are and how you are tackling them each, I’d love to hear them!

-Alex Costa-



Matt’s Training Results

IMG_3125.PNGToday, I am bringing you another testimonial review from one of my online clients. His name is Matt Norman, and he has an amazing story! I am lucky to call him a friend of mine, he is strong mentally and physically. He sets a whole different view for me as well as others when it comes to daily perspective. Don’t miss out on this one, keep reading to hear from Matt.

Matt started at a 145 1 rep max on bench, on week #4 he was hitting 155 for 2!

His deadlift max was at 225 and entering his 4th week, he was getting 240 for 2 reps!

Matt’s squat was sitting at 180. He was suffering from a little back pain but still hit 190 for 2.

Let me also mention that he hit these numbers at a 121 bodyweight, which is pretty impressive for everything has has went through.

                                                                         -Matthew Norman-
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Just shoot me an email and we can talk about it! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I will be making a post on 3 exercises you need to do that will increase your vertical jump this week so get ready to add inches to that vertical!
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