Birthday Cake Protein Shake Recipe

Birthday Cake Protein Shake Recipe 😋

This shake was super simple and tasted great! Here’s the ingredients:

🔹8 ounce of milk

🔹1 frozen banana 

🔹1/4 cup whole oats

🔹1 scoop of vanilla protein 

🔹1 TSP of vanilla extract 

🔹1 TSP of sprinkles 

Throw the ingredients in a blender and I topped mine with some whipped cream and sprinkles on top! Boom 💥




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Warm up first – jumping jacks 3 x 30 seconds. Mountain climbers 3 x 30 seconds.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and get as many rounds as possible in! ⏱ 

🔸Full Body Pillow Pass

-10 reps 

🔸Alternating Cross Body Toe Touch 

-10 each side

🔸Russian Twist (elbows touch) 

-20 touches each side

🔸 Globetrotters 

-20 passes each side

📺 if you had to leave a show on in the background, what tv show would it be?? I’ve been leaving on Shark Tank 🦈 if I would have unmuted this all you would have heard was “we’ll do $100k for 10% equity” 😂


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ARM PUMP (workout)


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Warm up first – at least 10 minutes of slow steady cardio or pre activation work
Barbell Curls
⚡️4 x 15/10/6/4
Superset with

Bodyweight Skull Crushers
⚡️4 x 10-15
Close Grip Bench Press
⚡️4 x 10-12
Superset with
Dumbbell Hammer Curls
⚡️4 x 10-12
Giant Set (6 – 8rounds)
⚡️Dumbbell Kick Backs – 10
⚡️Band Tricep Extensions- 15
⚡️Seated Dumbbell Curls – 15
⚡️Dumbbell Reverse Curls – 15

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How To Make Healthy Stir Fry

Im am bringing you a recipe from the kitchen today! Stir fry is a popular food option but it can be made with high sodium levels and not be as healthy. I am showing you a recipe from scratch you can do at home within 20-30 minutes!

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The thing I really enjoy about stir fry is that you can personalize it to your favorite foods, at least to an extent if you’re trying to be healthy. 

You can do things such as add pasta noodles, rice, beans, etc for carbs. You can do this with thinks such as chicken, shrimp, beef, steak, turkey and more for a protein source. You can also add a nice variety of veggies for more micronutrients. It can be changed around to a different taste each time if wanted.

A few main Saftey points when preparing this meal:

  • Be careful cutting chicken, if you are a younger viewer then have a parent or guardian help you.
  • Wash your hands very throughly after dealing with raw products such as chicken.
  • Make sure you cook the chicken all the way to make sure any and all bacteria is out of the product.

I hope you enjoy this post and enjoy the video! Let me know how yours turns out! Post it on Instagram and tag me @costalottamoney1 or @ironstrengthandconditioning 

Have a great Monday!
-Alex Costa-

Zombie Survival Workout

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! So very sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time, I got so busy opening my gym, training and coaching. I want to try posting more because I have sooooo very much I want to share and teach you guys! I hope you enjoy this workout I made today. Something that should really give ya a challenge and make you work! Let me know how you do, time yourself each set and try to beat the previous times!

Have a great day and great Halloween!

-Alex Costa-

1 2.png2 2.png

Straight Bar Curl With Slow Eccentric

Straight bar curl with slow eccentric💪🏼

Looking for something new to try in the gym? Try this curl variation! Some call it a cheat curl, some call it a curl with a slow eccentric. All that’s different about it is that you will proceed with a normal curl then go slow on the way down. This is the eccentric portion of the movement. The reason this can be so beneficial is because muscle and tissue damage is happening primarily on the eccentric portion of the lift. This is allowing more time under tension which can lead to more hypertrophy in the exercise!

This was my second bicep exercise today with a few sets in. You can either overload the biceps with a cheat curl and go slow on the way down or keep it pretty controlled the whole way through with lighter weight. Try these next time you hit biceps. Start with 3-4 sets of 8 reps, with about a 4 count on the way down. Let me know what ya think 👍🏼



Was going to start vlogging more on a daily basis and then I dropped my camera today… Going to try fixing it later so I can keep the better quality videos coming! Much love, have a great day!

-Alex Costa-

Workout Wednesday (LEGS)


It’s HUMPPPP DAAAY! I got a good one for you!!

Unless you hate legs, then you probably won’t do this one…

You should still try this cause there is nothing like a good ol leg day.

So let me explain how this one will work. We are starting with a back squat to front squat. You have 5 sets of 6 total, 3 each variation. So you will get under the bar and un-rack it, walk it out, do 3 back squats then re-rack it. Now don’t walk away just yet, as soon as you re-rack it, set it up for a front squat and bring that baby back out for 3 reps. After you complete those 3 reps then rack it and grab a drink, you have just finished one set.

Afterwards, we have a super set of stiff leg deadlifts with dumbbells and sissy squats. If you don’t know how to do these, click on the exercise link above or go to the Vault of Gainz page to see my exercise library.

Next we have leg press. We are tackling 100 reps with as little rest as possible so try getting as many reps done as possible each time until you reach 100. Don’t load the leg press so heavy you can’t do 10, load it accordingly. 1-2 plates on each side is plenty.

Time to finish off with calves. We are staying at the leg press for this. We will do 3 sets of 30 reps, 10 will be with your toes pointed inward, 10 with your toes pointed straight then the last 10 will be with your toes pointed outward. This will help to work all angles of the calf.

After you can finish with some cool down stretching or some walking lunges. This workout will give you a pump and a challenge so bring your A game for this one!!

Hope you have a great day!!
-Alex Costa-

1 on 1 Online Training SALE

training .png

So with it being the beginning of a new year, I want to help you out! I am doing a very limited time sale for my online training service!

I am offering you all of the following:

  • 6 week personalized online program to match any goal whether its weight loss, muscle/strength gain or speed & agility!
  • Costafitness Stretching Packet
  • 3 Check-ins with me via email
  • Email access to ask questions

All for only $50!!

All you have to do is fill out the registration form here below so I have an idea of what your goals are. From there, you will be emailed about if you are accepted to train in my online programming. After that, a payment will be collected then the program will be in the process of being designed.


Why try training with me?

I am a certified trainer with 3 certifications behind my name and have logged countless hours of studying the game. I have worked with some of the best in the game and learned methods to match your goals. I know it can be hard to trust someone you have never worked with so please feel free to ask me questions through my email and I can help you out! Email me at :

Deal will end on the 5th at noon


Thank you for your business, I appreciate you and can’t wait to work with you!

Setting Goals for 2018!

Setting Goals for


Well it sure has been a while haha, I do apologize. I have been busy with training and getting some new things done for work that I can’t wait to announce! However it’s time to get goals ready for the new year. I wanted to make a post to help you out so you can make this new year a breeze!!

Breaking down your goals to find your “why”


Let us start with a break down of your goals. What I mean by this is come up with your “why”. You may know what your goal is but why do you want to achieve it? Why is it important to you? You should come up with a “why” statement that will be able to motivate you on the days you are tired and don’t feel like doing anything.

So lets say you want to lose weight, well nice. You have the “what” but now you need the “why”. Maybe you need to lose 20 lb for a health reason which should be a huge motivation. Maybe you are an athlete that wants to be faster. That’s good but why? Do you want a starting spot, or a better chance of outrunning defenders? Do you want a fast 40 yard dash time to get noticed by college teams? Find out your “why” and this journey will become 2x more smoother.


Be specific

This kind of goes along with my statement above. Be as specific as possible so don’t just say that your goal is to “lose weight” say how much weight you want to lose if that is your goal. Example, “my goal is to lose 20 pounds in 2-3 months”.

By doing something as little as being specific in your goal setting, you are opening yourself up to being able to tell if you are on track. So if you see you only lost 5 pounds in a month and still have 15 pounds to go within 2 more months then you may have to kick it up a gear.


Write them down on paper

This is another tip that literally changed the game for me. When I started to write goals down on paper or on a bored then it was “write” there in front of me… see what I did there?lol

Okay really though, try this out. Grab a piece of paper from a notebook laying around in your house and a pen. Now write some of your goals down and grab a few pieces of tape so you can tape it up. This is where it can be more of an impact. Tape it where you will see it EVERYDAY when you wake up and right before you fall asleep. I used to put it right above my light switch. I now have a big bored on my wall that states my year goals, monthly and daily, yes I said daily. This brings me to my next point…


Break it down to a daily mission

So I will come up with 3-6 main goals for a year. These are almost like a task list I live by that year. From there, I will break it down to goals I can accomplish in a month. After I look at those, I take it a step further. I break it down to a daily mission of little goals.

Lets say I want to own a gym and thats a year goal. I break that down each month to get myself to that end goal. So the first month of goals might consist of preparing a business plan and finding possible locations for my gym. When I break those down into daily goals it may look like a list with taking time to do some critical thinking about the business aspect of the gym. I may also drive around local areas and scout out competition to see what could be improved and what is working quiet well for them. So on and so on, you get the point, that would be how I break down my goals to a daily mission.


Make a checklist

check list

If you have followed me for a while then you will know I am a huge fan of checklist and what they stand for. I believe incorporating a checklist on your wall by your light switch is a huge help and creates self-discipline. Every morning you wake up, you turn on your light switch. Every evening you go to bed, you hit your light switch. There is something about checking a task off or a goal that you want to get done. You get a good feeling inside about it because its a sign of self accomplishment. There is nothing better to motivate you than a checklist!


Enjoy the process

This is literally the most important part and the key to being happy in life… Enjoy the process. It can take years to conquer some goals depending on what they are, why not enjoy the ride?? I have heard a lot of successful people say it wasn’t the destination that was the best part but the journey they went through to get there. So with that being said, pick a goal and attack it with a head of steam. Take on these goals and have fun doing it.


I wish you all nothing but love, support and luck with a new year upon us! I hope you all make the most of it!! Thank you to all that have supported me in doing what I love, I appreciate it more than you know. I am looking to grow my business, followers and everything else I can through another year! Have a great day and enjoy time with your loved ones but make sure you still make sometime to tackle your daily goals for today.

Also, I am taking more 1 on 1 online training clients at this time so please email me at to get in touch about how we can work together to achieve your goals and make 2018 the best year yet for you!!

Happy New Year!!

-Alex Costa-