Checking Your Blood Pressure


Bojur erybody, hope you are all having a great day! I wanted to make this post because I believe it has some value to offer you and it is something important you should know about. That is your blood pressure.

I took a few minutes this morning to read my blood pressure, I usually try to each month at least 1 time. I was happy to see my reading was 115/81. I have been paying more attention to what I am eating and drinking. I have been trying more smoothies, detox drinks and healthier options from the store like almond butter instead of normal peanut butter and almond milk instead of regular milk. Now don’t get me wrong, if you drink or eat those items, it doesn’t make you unhealthy. However I have been gaining more knowledge in the nutrition field and trying new things out.

Food choices can make a HUGE difference in your everyday lifestyle. I have been learning about different vitamins and minerals that are very helpful for our body to keep functioning properly. Even little changes in food like I stated in the paragraph above can make a big difference.

Anyway, about blood pressure…

Blood pressure is very important as many of us know, if you didn’t know well then now you do. This reading can detect if there is anything going on with the pressure of your blood running through your body. When your blood pressure is a little on the higher side, you may be feeling stressed or mad, maybe even other factors that could be causing it such as diet choices. I have a few family members with high blood pressure so I make sure I keep an eye on mine and do what I can to keep it leveled out. It can usually be hereditary so I try to do my best to keep my eye on it.

I wrote an article when I first started this website called 3 Foods That Will Lower Your Blood Pressure.

That article covers a lot on the topic so if you want to learn more then I would click that link and read away!!

So a main point I am trying to get across today is that it is not always about “looking the part” in the fitness world but “feeling the part” as well. I think too many of us just have a goal of obtaining a hot, good looking body which there’s nothing wrong with. I want one so I go and work on my physique to try changing it for the better each day. However, I want to spread more awareness for overall health and wellness while we are trying to look as if we are in the best shape of our lives each day. They both go hand and hand so why not tackle them together?

With that being said, take a few minutes and read your blood pressure at home. If you do not have a cuff to do so then do it at the doctors office or a local store. Most CVS’s and Kroger’s have a blood pressure reader that are super simple to use.

Your mind and body are one of the most important things in my opinion because that is how you operate. The healthier you are, the clearer your thoughts will be, the more weight you can lose or gain successfully and the more confident you will become.


My blood pressure reading from this morning.

I hope you all take a little time to try this out and see what it can do for your overall health. Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!

-Alex Costa-