Workout Wednesday (Bench Edition)

How much ya bench bro?? 

Yea, we’ve all been asked this question, so lets do a workout that will give us some confidence when we answer that! 

We will start off with bench press. Do the bar for your first warm up, don’t just slap on 45s on each side and start. If you want to work technique and get a better bench, warm up properly. After you find a good working weight, we will take that on for 4 sets of 3 reps to start off the workout.

After we finish with bench, we will move to bent over rows with an under grip position on the bar. We will work to a heavy set of 8 reps for 4 sets.

Next is a superset of incline dumbbell bench press and wide grip pull ups. For pull ups, try going for failure but go until it gets to at least 10 reps. If you can’t do that many pull ups, you can do assisted pull ups or use a lat pull down machine and put about 75%-100% of your bodyweight number as the weight on the machine.

We will then finish with a tri-set of overhead tricep extensions with a dumbbell, close grip push ups and dips. 

After you have finished the workout, go eat and get some good quality food in to help your body become stronger! I hope you like this workout, please give me feedback on how it works for you and let me know if you have questions! Have a great Wednesday! 

-Alex Costa-


Strength Topic Q&A

I took some questions I got about strengtha dn put them into a Q&A video so you can learn from them! We talk about bench, vertical jumps and more! Hope you like the video and hopefully it helps you out!!