Trivia Answer

Yesterday, I put up a trivia question that probably looked quite random but here is why it is health related…

The answer:

Kiwi Bird

Yes the bird in yesterdays trivia question is called a kiwi bird! The bird received the name because of it’s look. Having the appearance that represents a kiwi. This bird is wingless so it stays on land. It is also about the size of a chicken.

Now for the fruit. Kiwi is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C,E,k, fiber, and more! This fruit can actually help with bone health as well to create a more dense and strong bone. With it being rich in fiber, this means it can help your digestive track. Potassium, as a lot of us know is great for relieving and preventing muscle cramps. However, I recently learned that it is very important for more reasons than just that. It also is good for your heart health.

Long story short, grab some kiwi’s and throw them into the fruit you eat. They taste great and offer some awesome health benefits!


That raps up today’s post. I will be dropping some more knowledge next week! I appreciate everyone that has been coming to view the website. I also appreciate my new followers, thank you for the support. I hope you all have a great weekend!!

-Alex Costa-


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