I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and enjoyed all the time with your families!! I came out with some Black Friday deals as of 12 last night! Deals will run until midnight tonight!!

40% off of costafitness tri-blend shirts

30% off of costafitness hoodies

Deals on ALL 1 on 1 online fitness coaching packages!!

Click on the menu button up top

Click “apparel sale” for clothing sales

Click “1 on 1 online fitness coaching” for online training

Here is the link for the pages!!

Apparel sale

1 on 1 online fitness coaching


Thank you for the support and have a fantastic day! Also be safe on the Black Friday shopping!
-Alex Costa-


As of last night, I released 2 training programs to give you something that you can work on! I have one for both males and females! Please go check them out and share them with your friends and family! I spent a lot of time on these, especially Operation Bulk X. I hope it helps you get started on some of your goals! It will definitely help you transform your health.

*They have a built in exercise library so you don’t get confused on exercises!


Step #1) Go to the “Menu” button at the top of the website

Step #2) Click on “Workout Programs”

Step #3) Choose whichever program you’d like to start

Step #4) Download the PDF to your phone or computer so you can quickly access it at the gym!


Click HERE to go to workout page

Hope everyone is having a great day!! I will be putting up more content and videos to help you through the programs!

-Alex Costa-

VLOG – Sorry for This

I am posting a vlog today that will inform you about a lot of stuff I am getting ready to do with Costafitness. I have been working hard to bring you some new features and more content that will help you out more than ever. There will be new things added to the website and I can’t wait to show you guys whats all coming out!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Time for me to head to the dentist :/
   -Alex Costa-

How To: Kettlebell Swing

In todays video, I want to explain how to perform a kettlebell swing properly. A lot of people do this movement incorrectly and put unnecessary stress on their back. Hope this helps you out! Remember to activate the core and lats. This will help stabilize the spine to reduce the chance of injury!

Have a great day!
-Alex Costa-

Shoulder Burnout

I am back with another video today! I am going to show you a shouler burnout circuit that will blow those shoulders up! It is 3 simple exercises in a row. I do these for my workouts and some clients workouts here an there. They are a challenge. Do these for 15 reps each exercise then rest. Then do 2 more rounds to make 3 all together!

Hope everyone had a great week!
-Alex Costa-


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What Shoes Should You Train In?

In todays video, I will be talking about what shoes you should train in, why you should train in them and what they will help with the most. I hope this video helps you out on what shoes to wear when training! I’ll catch you tomorrow with another video.

Have a great day!
-Alex Costa-

Halloween VLOG

For my buddy Aj and I, going to chipotle for Halloween is becoming an annual thing. I figured I would vlog some of the day. Sorry it is not a long vlog but I thought the costume was kind of funny so I recorded a lot of that haha. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day!

IT’S NOVEMBER!! Where has the time gone.. On a good note, this is my favorite part of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Have a great Wednesday!
-Alex Costa-