4 Secrets to Weight Loss (STUDIES)


From the outside looking in, weight loss can look easy. We see transformation pictures of 1-2 months and people are down 20, 30 sometimes 40 pounds. When we try it for 2 months, we don’t always seem to get anywhere. It seems simple right? Eat healthy and go to the gym, I will magically lose weight, right? Well sometimes we get cravings (which is completely normal) and it is hard to stop those cravings. It can sometimes be a lot harder than you think because of everyone being different. Some have a faster metabolic rate than others, some have something that holds them back mentally and they need to find a way around that. I am bringing you 4 weight loss secrets that will send you on your way to losing weight! Look no further because the I have you covered in the article below.


Secret #1) Bring stress levels down

stress in gym

Stress is one of the most common things all of us go through from time to time, but do you actually know how much it can affect you? I read into a study that I would like to share with you.

One study (Statistic Brain Research Institute, American Institute of Stress, NY) set out to find out just how many of us live with stress and what it does to us. A U.S. Stress Statistics study showed that 77% of Americans had regularly experienced physical symptoms caused by stress. One symptom was fatigue which came up at a whopping 51%. People in the study that were going through psychological symptoms had experience a lack of energy, guess what that percentage was…? 45%.

Do you see a pattern here? The stress levels are not only very high in the U.S. but negatively effect our bodies when going through it. These symptoms that I have mentioned are the last thing you want when you are trying to lose weight. They can lead to a lack in self confidence which in my opinion is the most important tool to keep using during a transformation.

So how do we get rid of stress??

Well there are multiple ways of decreasing stress levels. When these levels are going down, your self confidence is going up! Here is a list of some of the best stress relievers you could try:

  • Working out– this is a given but we will have to tackle this from a different angle so our performance in the gym does not suffer. If we just go to the gym without trying to resolve the problem then we still have a lack of energy and focus when we are at the gym which rapidly decreases performance which can lead to no results.
  • Meditation & Yoga– these will work on breathing techniques that can help you relax. It is great for flexibility and just unwinding the mind some. Try it!
  • Eating the right foods– foods and snacks high in sugar may not help so try dropping them. Instead if picking up a pop tart, grab a banana or some other fruit that will stop that sweet tooth.
  • Lying against a wall with legs straight up– so I know this sounds weird but I read an article while back somewhere on the internet that was explaining a pose you could sit in that would help decrease stress. Find a wall, place you butt where the wall starts at the floor. Place your legs straight up onto the wall so that you are in about a 90 degree angle. Feet straight up and back flat on the floor. What this does is lets the heart relax a little bit. The blood flow decreases slightly from the legs, meaning that the heart does not have to work so hard to pump blood to the legs. Work on breathing while you sit and relax for a few minutes. I do this one a lot.
  • Have the right workouts set up– when people feel stressed their nervous system can do some weird things. It can sometimes cause slight dizziness, head aches and muscle tension. On days it may be bothering you more, simply try going for a bike ride or run. Try some extra stretches or throw in yoga! If you feel more comfortable in the weight room doing some curls then try it. Sometimes doing an activity like running or biking can take your mind off of the symptoms and relax the brain.


Secret #2) Try counting macros

When I offer my training packages to clients, the macro counting introduction can be included in the package to help the client learn how to count macros and get on track with what they are eating. It has helped millions of people with meeting their fitness goals so why not try it! I was never a huge fan at first then I tried it. I got away from it for a while but counting macros seems to be one of the main things I come back to, to help me. I will not go in depth about counting macros today but will say that there is an app in the App Store on your phone called “My Fitness Pal” it is free. It is a macro counter that has a scanner on it and everything. Just scan the package and put the serving size and it will keep track of it!

Counting macros can be extremely beneficial because once you know what your maintenance calories are then we can work on either increasing or decreasing them. They will usually need updated. If you find your maintenance calories then just reduce 200-400 calories in everyday for a while. Not 200-400 calories day one the 400-800 the next day just 200-400 everyday for a while. Like I said, I can write another article on this topic for you because this can help BIG TIME.

Secret #3) Hit the gym like you mean it/ Switch it up!


Don’t just go through the motions. You go in and hit the same workout you’ve been doing for 3 months now.. NO. Switch things up, I am not saying that the workout program you are following isn’t working but our nervous system and body will get used to a stimuli when it is brought face to face everyday for months. Switch it up so you keep the body guessing. It won’t know what to do if you do 15 minutes of swimming instead of 25 minutes of running for a few days. By doing this one simple secret, you are also keeping yourself interested in the gym and keep the excitement rolling.

When I create a workout program for my clients wether its online clients or in person, I always like to keep their body guessing. I usually will not do the same workout program more than 4 weeks AT MOST. For some clients, everyday is a new day.

Now don’t get me wrong, having a set workout program is a solid idea but like I said, I change them every 4 weeks. You could get away with doing a workout program 6 weeks straight but I like to keep my clients on their toes and keep having them hit their goals.

Secret #4) Grab a friend or trainer

When you are training with a friend or if you have a trainer that keeps tabs on you then you are now kept accountable to something. When your buddy misses a 5am workout, its can get frustrating so thats why we try to keep that gym partner accountable by getting them there to make them better. Wether its calling or sending a message. If they still aren’t getting there then find someone else that will show up. It’s not always easy nor will everyone want to do it. Sometimes you have no other option but to do it yourself for a little while. Don’t forget that there are trainers in gyms for a reason.

The importance of a good training partner or group is so underrated. I’ve had some of my best training sessions when I was with a group because we are all trying to compete against ourselves and each other. It can be a solid game changer especially if you need motivation to lose weight. So pick up your phone, hit up your friend and meet them at the gym.



I hope you all liked this article. I put a lot of effort into this to help those who wish to lose weight so do me a solid and share this with your family and friends. I have content on here that will help everyone no matter what your goal is. We are all out here trying to get better so why not help each other out. Thank you for your support, have a great Thursday!

P.s this is article #99… Might being doing a giveaway for #100!

                 -Alex Costa-



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