Matt’s Training Results

IMG_3125.PNGToday, I am bringing you another testimonial review from one of my online clients. His name is Matt Norman, and he has an amazing story! I am lucky to call him a friend of mine, he is strong mentally and physically. He sets a whole different view for me as well as others when it comes to daily perspective. Don’t miss out on this one, keep reading to hear from Matt.

Matt started at a 145 1 rep max on bench, on week #4 he was hitting 155 for 2!

His deadlift max was at 225 and entering his 4th week, he was getting 240 for 2 reps!

Matt’s squat was sitting at 180. He was suffering from a little back pain but still hit 190 for 2.

Let me also mention that he hit these numbers at a 121 bodyweight, which is pretty impressive for everything has has went through.

                                                                         -Matthew Norman-
If you want to join my 1 on 1 online fitness training program, please shoot me an email at and we can discus what we can do to get you there. I work with a pretty wide range of clients such as anyone wanting to
-lose weight
-gain muscle/strength/size
-better their athletic ability in the sport they play
-increase speed, agility and quickness
-get nutrition down for a better lifestyle
-and more!
Just shoot me an email and we can talk about it! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I will be making a post on 3 exercises you need to do that will increase your vertical jump this week so get ready to add inches to that vertical!
                      -Alex Costa-

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