Jamey’s Weight Loss Results


This is Jamey. He has been a good friend and client of mine for a while. I wanted to share some of the results he hit while I was training him. Jamey started off at 310lbs on the picture on the left. To the right, he was weighing in at about 285lbs. He made these results in ONLY about a 6 WEEK time period! His schedule got busy but we were able to work around it and make it work for him. He also gained a great amount of strength and hit PRs as we added more strength training into his plan.


Here’s a testimonial from Jamey:

“I started off at 310 and made it down to 285. Alex’s programming taught me how to diet right and do cardio right. As a trainer, Alex was very flexible. He would work well around my schedule, plan my diet and workouts with how it would work best for me!”



If you need help getting on track with your fitness goals and want to save time, then send me an email at costafitness1@gmail.com I will be able to offer my assistance as a trainer for you to reach your fitness wants and needs as quickly and safely as possible.



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