Fruit Rice Cake RECIPE


This is something I tried out last night. This simple idea takes only SECONDS to prepare! You don’t need a whole lot of materials either and you can mix these around and make them taste however you desire.

All you need is:

  • Mini rice cakes (13 mini rice cakes) – I used chocolate flavor
  • Peanut butter (2 Tbsp)
  • Sliced fruit of your choice ( I used 1 banana and 2 strawberries)

How to make these:

Very simple for this part.

1- Slice fruit

2- Spread peanut butter on rice cakes

3- Add sliced fruit onto the rice cakes

4-Enjoy this delicious treat


These were the macros that I calculated, yours may be different depending on what materials you used.

Carbohydrates: 66
Fats: 17

Total calories: 429

THESE MACROs ARE FOR 13 mini rice cakes with all of this on them. YOUR MACROs will probably be different.


I hope you enjoy the taste of these just as much as I did! Try messing around with these treats and use a different spread or different toppings. Let me know what you come up with and how you like them! Share this article with a friend that likes healthy snack recipes!

Hope everyone is having a great hump day!!
-Alex Costa-


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