Aj’s Progress Part 2


As some of you know and may have seen, I wrote an article on Aj’s progress a couple months ago. In just ONE month, he had reached some great results. He has continued to follow my training and has been killing it! I thought this would be a great time to put him in the spot light once again for the hard work and dedication he has put in!

He has shared a testimonial that I will place below:

“The picture you see on the left was me right before I started lifting constantly. I made excuses on why I didn’t want to lift. I was drinking a lot, eating a lot of fast food, and just being down right lazy. I didn’t like the way I looked, but I didn’t want to put in the work. One day, I just said screw it and went to the gym. It all just went uphill from there. I began looking up workouts online and getting back into it. When Alex became a personal trainer, I knew I had to take my chances with him. Even when I knew he didn’t have experience in this field, I believe that he could change me for the better. After working with Alex for a few months now, I lost fat and put on muscle. The picture on the left, I was at 195, a bad 195. The picture on the right, I weigh 197. It took me a while, but I started eating healthier and stopped drinking a lot of pop, and it’s all because of Alex and him pushing me.”
-Aj Oiler-


In Aj’s training, we started off with building a solid foundation. He has had lifting experience prior to this which had helped. This last training phase, I really increased the volume of his training. We will most likely work on a cutting phase next which I believe will go great for him!

I have talked a lot about how his looks have changed in the before and after picture but he has also made some crazy strength gains as well. These PRs include:
-Bench before=205            Bench after=265

-Deadlift before (conventional)=365         Deadlift after (conventional)=405
-Deadlift before (sumo)=375                       Deadlift after (sumo)=415


Good work Aj, keep it up brother! Im happy to be the one helping you with your fitness journey! Give Aj a follow on social media – @ajoiler_

If you are interested in how you can improve your health and fitness level, then you are at the right spot! Contact me through email (costafitness1@gmail.com) if you are interested in making a change today!



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