Motivational Monday!


So it is that day again, the one everyone dreads. The “worst” day of the week to some. This is what some say a “start to a long week”.

How do you know this is a start to a long week? You haven’t even left the house.You haven’t walked out that front door of yours. You haven’t even given this day a chance yet. That’s the thing so many people fail to realize, is that you have a house. You have food and water. We have a lot of things that we are lucky to have. Someone out there is sleeping on the streets bundled up in a blanket they found in the garbage in 20 degree weather and we’re the ones sitting here saying “it’s Monday, todays gonna suck”. What? How can you start the day off so negative??

This may be one of the best days of your life but you already have your mind convinced that its going to be a shitty day. You have to throw that negative shit out the window. Its gotta go, because in this world we are given 86,400 seconds in a day. That translates to 1,440 minutes which is 24 hours. Now let me tell you something that I hope opens your eyes a little..

Most of us get 6-9 hours of sleep. That leaves 18-15 hours in the day to do something productive or go and make it worth living. There has been reports saying people spend up to 3 hours on social media. Lets say you get 7 hours of sleep and you are one that is using 3 hours of your day on social media. You now only have 14 hours of the day. Most people go to school or a job, lets say thats another 6 hours. You are now down to 8 hours to do what you want. Shit most of us take an hour nap too so we may even have less than 8 hours to do something in a day. Im not downgrading ANYONE who does these type of things but I do want you to realize how much time is truly in a day compared to what you actually have after you are done with everything else.

It’s Monday, a chance to start your week off like a boss. Don’t start it off any other way!

-Alex Costa-


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