3 Box Jump Variations VIDEO and Tips

Box jumps have been around for quite some time now. They have been used by athletes and gym goers. They’re great benefits while doing these but what if I told you, these few tips and video will blow your mind and leave you with some fun ideas to try?? Lucky for you, this post will have just that!!

While performing a box jump, you will be engaging your glutes and hamstrings during the eccentric portion of the jump. You will hinge at the hips and stick your butt back, however you will not go into a full squat before jumping onto the box. You will squat about half way of a full squat, shoot your arms through the jump and land softly on the box.

The first thing that is extremely beneficial is that the box jump can create more explosion for athletes. As an athlete, you want every movement to be smooth and explosive. Not only do I provide one video underneath but it will have 3 variations of a box jump to maximize your ability to be more explosive.

The next big tip that performing box jumps provide are making your legs crazy strong. By performing a jumping exercise, this will increase strength as well as tone up the lower body.It does not stop there though, because you have to use so many muscles to make sure you get to the top of the box. You will also work your upper body slightly.

The last big thing I want to discuss is that this can be a great tool for weight loss and burning fat. Doing a box jump while force you to use many muscles to insure you get the movement complete. It is a good compound movement which will be great for losing weight and melting that fat off! So throw some box jumps into the training because this could be one tool you are lacking!


3 Box Jump Variations Video


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