Aj’s Progress

One of my great friends has had some great results off of one of my programs. I asked for his permission to share this information with you and I got the okay so I’m going to be giving the story in a little more detail today.

Aj is a hard worker and always looks for a way to better himself so I knew he would be great at tackling this lifting program. He wanted a little bit of a change and to get stronger so I put him on a program that has been similar to mine but with some minor tweaks.


This is his transformation from week #1 to week #4. He made some great progress within the first week! As his body changed, so did his strength. His bench went from 235 to 265, which is a 30 pound PR! His deadlift went from 405 to 415 for a 10 pound PR. His squat has been a hard one to measure because Aj has been dealing with a few knee pains, but we are trying to work on that. My goal when I work with someone is to get them to their fitness wants and needs as SAFELY and QUICKLY as possible.

Here is a testimonial written by Aj himself:

” In Alex Costa’s 4 week muscle gaining program has changed me for the better. It changed me from how I look, to the way I think about myself and in life in general.

Before getting back into lifting again, I was a middle school football coach. I was going to school, coaching, school work and sleeping. I was lazy, and I had an excuse for everything. I remember Alex asking me if I’ve been to the gym and I would tell him no and that “I don’t have time.”

After the season ended, I wanted to workout. But every time I got the chance, I had an excuse for not working out. Not only I was lazy, I was also drinking a lot as well because I just turned 21. Finally I just say screw it and I went to the gym. I found a program online to help me get back into it. I did that program for a couple months, it didn’t work well for me. After Alex got his personal training certificate, I went to him asking him for a program. Not only he gave me this program, he also gave me advice on life and to be more positive. During this program, he was giving me positive feedback on how good I was looking, and it gave me confidence again. I began eating right and lifting and I never felt better.

After this 4 week program, not only I feel better, my mentality is better too. I’m more positive about myself, I just found my confidence again. If I could recommend anyone, I would go with Alex. Not only he’s my best friend/brother, he’ll help with whatever it is you need and help you to reach your goal.”

-Aj Oiler-

With Aj’s programming, we were changing a couple things up each week but not a whole lot. He did the following lifting schedule:

Monday- Back 

Tuesday- Chest

Wednesday- Legs

Thursday- Shoulders 

Friday- Arms 

Saturday and Sundays would be rest days to let the muscles get the time to recover.

This lifting schedule was designed to give him the maximum hypertrophy possible within the shortest amount of time. In other words, he had a workout that would totally damage the primary muscle that was being worked that day. When putting the right stress on a muscle, this can cause “damage” to it but in a good way. This is how your muscles grow and develop.

Again this plan I designed for him was supposed to make him stronger and build solid muscle which it has. I was very happy to see the results after just one week which is in the picture below:


He did not have an exact goal with his weight so we did not go over a whole lot of dieting material but I did make sure he was eating better for the most part. He maintained about the same weight which as you can see, he transformed his body and looked a lot more solid at the same weight. Sometimes it’s not about how fast you lose weight but in what tools you use to look your best!

Aj did a great job and that is why I am wanting to share this with you, I helped him get started and made sure he kept it going! If you need some extra help in the fitness game, please feel free to contact me on the “CONTACT” page via email. I am a NESTA certified fitness trainer and can help you reach your full potential!

Send me an email and lets get your change started TODAY!

Email: CostaFitness1@gmail.com


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