3 Warm up Exercises for Your Hips

If you’re like me and many others out there, then I’m guessing you have tight hips or a pinching feeling in it when you move around a lot or go to squat. One of the main reasons for this is because of the sedentary lifestyles so many of us have. Wether it is sitting in front of the tv all day, sitting at the office all 7-9 hours of the day or classes having you in a seat most of the day. It is not uncommon for these feelings you may have in your hip. It does not help that it is winter time and most of the time it is colder out so we naturally would rather stay inside and watch tv or sit on our phones.

When sitting long hours on our butts, this leaves our hips in a flexed position for a lengthy amount of time. When this happens, the hip flexor tends to get shortened which can lead to pinching and tightness. This can sometimes leave your abductors (outside of hip) and adductors (inside of hip) tight as well.

Image result for minions sitting down

In this video below, I share 3 of my top favorite hip warmups. These are great to do  before your leg days especially before squatting. I have always had tighter hips, when I started to perform these exercises my hip tightness was cured! This may be great for runners and athletes as well for priming up the hips and pelvis joints before making a lot of lower body movements!

These 3 exercises will primarily target your adductors and abductors.

Photo source: minions


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