What is a Superset?

When you enter any gym in the world, I guarantee someone there will be performing a superset. A superset is a training method widely used by bodybuilders but is also used in almost all different training goals for multiple reasons. In this video I will discuss those reasons, benefits and give you an example so you can take this muscle shocking training method into the gym for your next workout!



Some other good examples you can use this with would be:

-Bench and Rows

-Leg extensions and Leg curls

-Squats and Stiff leg deadlifts


Just because the most common way to use a superset is with the main muscle and the opposite does not mean you can’t utilize it on the same muscle group with exercises like:

-Bench and Flys

-Barbell curls and Hammer curls


This is a game changing training method that I would recommend to EVERYONE! Try it out and see how you like it.

Have a great Monday, don’t miss another chance to go get better today. Use all the time you can chasing after what you want and put forth the maximum effort into your goals!

-Alex Costa-

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