Slouchy Posture?? TRY THIS!

So many people fall victim to having a slouchy posture. It doesn’t help that most of us live a sedentary lifestyle. There is a muscle group that is often missed when training and it can make a big difference when looking at ones posture. In the posterior region of your deltoid lays a muscle that is hardly hit in a common shoulder workout. You can see where this muscle is located in the picture below.

Image result for posterior deltspicture from

This is your posterior deltoid muscle. The primary reason for the “slouch” is due to poor posture. This is most commonly due to a weak set of rear delts. Now if you see in the mirror that your head is at a slight anterior lean and you are wondering how this can be fixed, then I have the solution for you!


I am going to give some ideal exercises that can help. I would stick to a 3sets of 15 repetition range with these at first with LIGHT WEIGHT until you get the form perfected. You do not need heavy weights right off the bat for this to strengthen this muscle. Here is 4 exercises that will target your rear delts and can fix this posture dilemma:


KEY POINTERS: Keep the chest nice and big. This will help you keep your back from being hunched over. Also hinge at the hips not bending your back a lot to keep the unwanted pressure off the spine.


KEY POINTERS: The rope can be placed at any angle. I recommend starting at about eye level, pull straight back to your face. Lead with your elbows like you are trying to elbow 2 tall guys on both sides of your shoulders.



KEY POINTERS: The further out the grip, the easier the movement. I recommend starting wide then moving the grip in or switch to a harder band only when form is perfected.


KEY POINTERS: BE CAREFUL on this one! It can be very easy to lose your balance and fall off the bench, so make sure you are stable and practice this movement without weight first! It would be a good idea to have a spotter for the first few times to make sure you stay balanced.


This is 4 exercises for your posterior deltoids that will help cure poor posture in the upper back and shoulders. Try these out and let me know what it does for you!

-Alex Costa-

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