Having Trouble with Lower Abs? Say no More!


So you hit abs 2 times a week and want to know why those pesky lower abs aren’t coming in?? I am going to let you in on the biggest secret in this post!


Here is the absolute #1 thing everyone fails to forget…


You are no better than that chocolate pop tart you scarfed down this week. Everyone thinks that having abs come from what abdominal routine you are doing and how often (I am still covering that in this article) but it really comes down to how you eat. Even if its a bulking season for you experienced lifters, you already know how hard it can be to keep those abs looking chiseled.

It is simple. The less body fat you have, the more abs you have to show! I wouldn’t expect to go into a bulk or winter and have the absolute best looking abs you have ever had. Not saying that this cannot be done but it is already a little bit harder in the winter time because our bodies are meant to survive. In the winter, the human body will try to store fat easier so you can stay warm during our cold time of the year. That is why most lifters try to really hit those abs going into spring instead of mid winter.

So now that you know you have to make a big step into eating healthier, let us get into the primary reason you clicked on this article, shall we?

Lower abs can be the hardest to bring in for the fact of it being a part of your body that tends to store the excess fat in that area. It can be hard to get rid of the fat in this spot, so you really have to emphasize the fat lose part which can be fixed the fastest through what you eat.

When it comes to doing abs in your training, I have some exercises that will burnout those lower abs!

  • Toes to bar
  • Lying leg raises
  • Scissor kicks
  • reverse crunches
  • mountain climbers
  • hanging leg raises

These lower ab exercises will be your friend when trying to work that area. I would pick 2 of these exercises and match them with 2 other ab exercises and make an ab circuit for a finisher! Do this 4-7 days of the week mixed with good dieting and you will see those lower abs in no time! Here is an example ab circuit you could put together:

**4 rounds (go through each exercise and that is 1 round)

Toes to bar 15 reps
Crunches 25 reps
Scissor kicks 25 reps each leg
Plank 1 minute


If you found this article helpful, share it! Show your training partner and get after it. Get ready for more content this week!


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