I am doing something different today! I want to answer any fitness questions you have today, so hit me up on snapchat, type in costa_1 and send me a question! It can be anything from “what exercises can I do to help my arms grow?” to “what should I eat after a workout?” Give me a snap and I will give you my personal best answer and advice!

Other news:

I am working on my certifications more so I can have them done as quickly as possible. I am working on my biomechanics one currently. I have started some of my speed, agility and quickness certification as well. After that I will have a functional certification and the core & conditioning cert to complete as well. When I am finished with all of the certifications then I will be named a MASTER PERSONAL TRAINER. There is not a big percentage of trainers that are recognized as so, which makes it a big deal. I do plan on continuing my education in what I love to do after those are complete so that I can help everyone I canned have more knowledge!

I hope you all have a great FRIDAY!! Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me through this whole process, it is greatly appreciated. I will be dropping more videos coming up and UPDATING THE WEBSITE SOON!

-Alex Costa-


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