5 Unique Benefits of Deadlifts


I believe that the deadlift is one of the most important exercises in fitness. It has so many benefits to why it is such a commonly used exercise. Today I will reveal 5 unique benefits about the deadlift! In the link above is a short video I made a little while back on how to perform a CONVENTIONAL DEADLIFT. There is many different variations for this exercise, I will be making more content over that soon!

   #1) THE DEADLIFT CAN PREVENT INJURIES (when done correctly)

It seems like everyone goes through back pain from time to time and that is common. This is because it is exposed to numerous ways of having a pain by having bad posture and slouching during a sedentary life style. The deadlift can prevent injuries from occurring by strengthening so many different muscles of the body. You will strengthen major functional muscles such as the hamstrings, lower back and core. Doing this exercise will also improve your movement pattern.

   #2) BURNS FAT

The reason that the deadlift burns fat is because it is a compound movement exercise and recruits more muscle fibers to fire than most exercises. In other words, your exertion rate is higher in this exercise which in turn causes more calories to be burned. Trying to get ripped? Throw deadlifts in the mix!


As I have stated in #1 and #2, the deadlift is a compound movement which means that more muscles will be at work while performing this exercise. This means that you are strengthening more muscles at once with every rep that is performed. Overtime, this will pay off with some great strength benefits.


Resistance training itself will naturally increase your testosterone but when you add heavy 1 RM deadlifts to your program, its a game changer! The hormonal growth is at its highest after performing HEAVY reps. The heavy reps being anywhere from %75-%100 of your deadlift max. When performing these UNDER 90 SECONDS REST, YOU WILL INCREASE MORE GROWTH HORMONE IN THE BODY.


From personal experience, doing deadlifts WITHOUT straps has made an amazing difference in my grip strength. I used to have a hard time holding on to a pull up bar and couldn’t do heavy shrugs because I could not hold on to the weight. I made a decision to stop using straps and I still have not touched lifting straps to this very day. There are multiple grips you can use to make it a slight more comfortable or test your grip strength.

This is 5 unique benefits of deadlifting. The video up top will walk you through a deadlift and ensure you are doing correct form. Thank you for the support and questions! I will have some more new content coming this week!

            -Alex Costa-


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