What is a Superset?

When you enter any gym in the world, I guarantee someone there will be performing a superset. A superset is a training method widely used by bodybuilders but is also used in almost all different training goals for multiple reasons. In this video I will discuss those reasons, benefits and give you an example so you can take this muscle shocking training method into the gym for your next workout!



Some other good examples you can use this with would be:

-Bench and Rows

-Leg extensions and Leg curls

-Squats and Stiff leg deadlifts


Just because the most common way to use a superset is with the main muscle and the opposite does not mean you can’t utilize it on the same muscle group with exercises like:

-Bench and Flys

-Barbell curls and Hammer curls


This is a game changing training method that I would recommend to EVERYONE! Try it out and see how you like it.

Have a great Monday, don’t miss another chance to go get better today. Use all the time you can chasing after what you want and put forth the maximum effort into your goals!

-Alex Costa-

Slouchy Posture?? TRY THIS!

So many people fall victim to having a slouchy posture. It doesn’t help that most of us live a sedentary lifestyle. There is a muscle group that is often missed when training and it can make a big difference when looking at ones posture. In the posterior region of your deltoid lays a muscle that is hardly hit in a common shoulder workout. You can see where this muscle is located in the picture below.

Image result for posterior deltspicture from https://en.wikipedia.org/

This is your posterior deltoid muscle. The primary reason for the “slouch” is due to poor posture. This is most commonly due to a weak set of rear delts. Now if you see in the mirror that your head is at a slight anterior lean and you are wondering how this can be fixed, then I have the solution for you!


I am going to give some ideal exercises that can help. I would stick to a 3sets of 15 repetition range with these at first with LIGHT WEIGHT until you get the form perfected. You do not need heavy weights right off the bat for this to strengthen this muscle. Here is 4 exercises that will target your rear delts and can fix this posture dilemma:


KEY POINTERS: Keep the chest nice and big. This will help you keep your back from being hunched over. Also hinge at the hips not bending your back a lot to keep the unwanted pressure off the spine.


KEY POINTERS: The rope can be placed at any angle. I recommend starting at about eye level, pull straight back to your face. Lead with your elbows like you are trying to elbow 2 tall guys on both sides of your shoulders.



KEY POINTERS: The further out the grip, the easier the movement. I recommend starting wide then moving the grip in or switch to a harder band only when form is perfected.


KEY POINTERS: BE CAREFUL on this one! It can be very easy to lose your balance and fall off the bench, so make sure you are stable and practice this movement without weight first! It would be a good idea to have a spotter for the first few times to make sure you stay balanced.


This is 4 exercises for your posterior deltoids that will help cure poor posture in the upper back and shoulders. Try these out and let me know what it does for you!

-Alex Costa-

2 Essential Exercises for Running Backs

Image result for football running backsimage from clickondetroit.com

Football is a game of inches, especially for a running back trying to get every inch he can while getting a carry. I am going to show you running backs out there 2 exercises that will help you to be one of the most impactful ball carriers in sight.


As a running back, you need to be as strong as an ox when you get the ball. You typically  run into the biggest players on the opposing team first.. the defensive linemen. You need to have a strong set of legs so they can be protected and keep moving. With that being said, I have 2 exercises that will help with this.

Exercise #1) Kettlebell Lateral Lunges-

Football players need strong and explosive hips, this is an exercise that will load one hip while getting a stretch in the other. You as a running back need to be able to make cuts at the stop of a dime during a carry. This exercise will not only help with this but give you the strength and power during those jump cuts. This will also help develop a stronger core.

Throw this leg exercise into your leg workout. Do 4 sets of 8 reps each leg.


Exercise #2) Walking lunges

Taking a blast to the knee area can be unhealthy. You need to have strong muscles around the knees to keep them as safe as possible. By doing walking lunges you are strengthening the legs and core on your body. It does not stop there, walking lunges can be a form of cardio as well. This movement will also strengthen the knee connective tissue to aid in protection around the knee area. They will also help with strength and having those legs in condition for when you are taking on a lower tackle.

This is an exercise I want you to do for distance multiple times a week. 100-400 meters for 3-5 days a week. I know it sounds like a lot but once you start to do this consistently, the burning doesn’t bother you as bad.


I wish the best of luck to all of you football players out there training during off season. If you need any additional help, I train athletes for speed, agility and quickness as well as strength training of course!

-Alex Costa-

Having Trouble with Lower Abs? Say no More!


So you hit abs 2 times a week and want to know why those pesky lower abs aren’t coming in?? I am going to let you in on the biggest secret in this post!


Here is the absolute #1 thing everyone fails to forget…


You are no better than that chocolate pop tart you scarfed down this week. Everyone thinks that having abs come from what abdominal routine you are doing and how often (I am still covering that in this article) but it really comes down to how you eat. Even if its a bulking season for you experienced lifters, you already know how hard it can be to keep those abs looking chiseled.

It is simple. The less body fat you have, the more abs you have to show! I wouldn’t expect to go into a bulk or winter and have the absolute best looking abs you have ever had. Not saying that this cannot be done but it is already a little bit harder in the winter time because our bodies are meant to survive. In the winter, the human body will try to store fat easier so you can stay warm during our cold time of the year. That is why most lifters try to really hit those abs going into spring instead of mid winter.

So now that you know you have to make a big step into eating healthier, let us get into the primary reason you clicked on this article, shall we?

Lower abs can be the hardest to bring in for the fact of it being a part of your body that tends to store the excess fat in that area. It can be hard to get rid of the fat in this spot, so you really have to emphasize the fat lose part which can be fixed the fastest through what you eat.

When it comes to doing abs in your training, I have some exercises that will burnout those lower abs!

  • Toes to bar
  • Lying leg raises
  • Scissor kicks
  • reverse crunches
  • mountain climbers
  • hanging leg raises

These lower ab exercises will be your friend when trying to work that area. I would pick 2 of these exercises and match them with 2 other ab exercises and make an ab circuit for a finisher! Do this 4-7 days of the week mixed with good dieting and you will see those lower abs in no time! Here is an example ab circuit you could put together:

**4 rounds (go through each exercise and that is 1 round)

Toes to bar 15 reps
Crunches 25 reps
Scissor kicks 25 reps each leg
Plank 1 minute


If you found this article helpful, share it! Show your training partner and get after it. Get ready for more content this week!

3 Mind Blowing tips for Chest Day

Well here we are again, it’s Monday and you know what that means..International Chest Day! Even if you are not doing chest today, check this article out or come back to it when you do have chest day because I am about to deliver 3 tips we don’t always think about to add a change to your chest day! 


TIP #1) Incline dumbbell bench press is easily one of the most popular lifts on chest day and that is good for many reasons. If you want a strong bench, one thing you will want is a strong upper chest. By developing the upper pectoralis muscle, you will have more of a “full” looking chest. This will also target the deltoids as well as triceps. The big thing we all forget to take advantage of is the many different angles of which the incline bench has to offer. In this picture below, you can see the adjustable holes below the back rest and seat of the bench. These can be adjusted to not only fit multiple body types but hit different angles of the chest. The higher you prop it up, the more you will target the upper chest. The lower it is toward the ground, the lower the muscles being worked. Try switching it up every workout! One week go higher then the next go a little lower.

Image result for dumbbell incline bench pressIncline dumbbell bench press picture from http://www.mensfitness.com


TIP#2) Using cable flys on a bench instead of Dumbbells. A lot of people want to do this exercise but do not want to pull the bench all the way across the gym and set it up into the cables. I understand it can be a harder process to set up but you will most definitely get a great difference in your training. With dumbbells, you only fight the external force of gravity from the gravity pulling the dumbbells straight down to the floor from whatever the weight is. This means at the top of the fly, you basically get a rest. Now with cables, you are fighting the external force of a machine pulling back with CONSTANT RESISTANCE from whatever angles the cables are set. This means when you perform the fly movement, you are getting a resistance force throughout the whole range of motion even the top because the cables are pulling in the opposite direction! This is definitely an exercise I would recommend on chest day!

Image result for cable flys on a bench (cable flys on a bench)- Picture from bodybuilding-wizard.com


TIP#3) Close grip bench to spare shoulder pain. It is not uncommon to hear about shoulder pains when benching. It is more than likely a rotator cuff or an AC joint problem. When performing a wider grip on barbell bench press, you are opening your rotator cuff muscles which is one of the most common shoulder issues people run into during bench press. If a wide or even normal grip bench press puts excessive pain on the shoulders then move the grip in a tad for a close grip bench. This will reduce stress on the anterior and posterior deltoids. I would place the hands just inside shoulder width as the picture below shows. This will also give you more powerful triceps for your bench press.

4-close-grip-bench.jpgClose grip bench. picture from menshealth.com
This is my 3 mind blowing tips for chest day! Try some of these suggestions out and see how they can add a change to your workout!! 


I am doing something different today! I want to answer any fitness questions you have today, so hit me up on snapchat, type in costa_1 and send me a question! It can be anything from “what exercises can I do to help my arms grow?” to “what should I eat after a workout?” Give me a snap and I will give you my personal best answer and advice!

Other news:

I am working on my certifications more so I can have them done as quickly as possible. I am working on my biomechanics one currently. I have started some of my speed, agility and quickness certification as well. After that I will have a functional certification and the core & conditioning cert to complete as well. When I am finished with all of the certifications then I will be named a MASTER PERSONAL TRAINER. There is not a big percentage of trainers that are recognized as so, which makes it a big deal. I do plan on continuing my education in what I love to do after those are complete so that I can help everyone I canned have more knowledge!

I hope you all have a great FRIDAY!! Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me through this whole process, it is greatly appreciated. I will be dropping more videos coming up and UPDATING THE WEBSITE SOON!

-Alex Costa-

Benefits to Warming up Your Rotator Cuffs



Rotator cuffs are generally a BIG discussion anymore. Everyone has a shoulder pain that ends up being diagnosed as a rotator cuff problem.  This video explains some of the mistakes made when warming up your rotator cuff muscles. It goes over a few different methods to warm them up properly so you don’t run into shoulder problems. Follow these exercises about 2-3sets of 20 repetitions before an upper body workout involving shoulder movement and you will notice a very big difference of how primed up your shoulders now feel.

This is also a great movement to try before bench, while warming up because the rear delts are the antagonist muscle in the bench press. When warmed up properly, you will feel more stable and could possibly make a 10-20 pound difference on your BENCH!

The rotator cuff is composed of 4 muscles:

  1. Supraspinatus
  2. Subscapularis
  3. Infraspinatus
  4. Teres minor

Together, these muscles help with abduction, extension, external rotation and internal rotation. These muscles are located in the posterior deltoid as seen in the picture below.

Image result for rotator cuff muscles                                                                    picture from http://www.massagetoday.com

Go try this and see how the effect is for you! Thank you too all that have been showing support, it means so much. I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

-Alex Costa-

Transformation Tuesday


A lot of people ask what they can do to see a difference and make a change. To me it is quite simple, you get what you put in. If you put half ass effort into your training, you’re going to get half ass results. This goes for dieting as well, if you eat crap then you are going to look and feel like crap. I don’t do anything special, I just stay consistent and DO NOT miss. This transformation above happened in just over 3 weeks with my training program I created. I will be focusing more on dieting through my next workout program. I stayed on schedule and did NOT miss any days.This is the biggest thing I would say to you. Also do not expect to change your appearance over night. “Rome wasn’t built over night”. It NEVER goes like this, but there are ways to speed up the process with executing a program designed for YOU.

If you are someone that is sitting on your phone or computer reading this and think that there is no way you can make a change, then guess what?? YOU WONT. Not because you are not capable of doing so but because you are THINKING you can not. I’m going to let you in on a secret that changed my life and that is this; mindset is a life strategy. To me, mindset is a life long strategy and some find this out earlier than others. It is not always easy to have a mindset that is going to set you up for success, it is built with things like adversity, confidence and will power. I wake up and train at 5AM and I love getting up on most days but lets be real, its 5AM and I am not always wanting to get out of my warm and cozy bed. This is when you HAVE TO become mentally strong and this is when a mindset can be created for success.

Below is one of my good buddies that I have had a chance to help. He is one that will attack life in full force when he has his plan. I knew he would succeed if I helped write a program for him. The picture on the right was taken only after ONE WEEK of him following my program. But I don’t want you to think this is a cake walk for him, he works hard and that is why he witnessed change in a short amount of time. He will be following a 4 week program and as the last week arrives, I will show his complete results!



If you are interested in training, and need to make a change in your life then you are at the right place. I take care of any and all clients that come to me. Whether its losing weight, toning up, getting stronger, sports performance or just wanting a healthier life style. I am a certified fitness trainer and I will help you meet your fitness wants and needs as quickly and safely as possible. Feel free to contact me through social media or go to the “CONTACT”page on the top menu button and we can get started with making the change today!






This is the arm workout I currently do. It is designed to provide a pump as well as some size!! Its full of classic body building movements and unique movements added in between. The big thing with this is to go HEAVY with good form each set. I will provide the workout below, and the how-to videos for if you want to know what some of the exercises are or just check form!

  1. BARBELL CURLS 4X8 HEAVY                                 (SUPERSET)
  2. CABLE CURLS 4X10                                                                 (TRISET)





Think you have what it takes to get through this ab workout?? I will post the workout below and challenge you to complete it!! I will also post the videos on how to do each one with this! Lets see what you’ve got!!



All of this will be done none stop till the last exercise is complete, then you get 90 seconds break. Then start over again for 5 rounds!

  1. Toes to bar 15
  2. Weighted rope crunches 25
  3. Russian twist w med ball 20 each side
  4. Plank 1 minute
  5. Leg raises 1 minute