Big things coming!


THERE IS SOME BIG ARTICLES COMING SOON! The big one coming out soon is over hypertension. Hypertension is high blood pressure which is a very big health concern in the U.S. I will be writing what kind of diet changes will help you LOWER YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE to reduce your chances for stroke and heart disease. I will be posting more video content as well! It seemed to be very popular.

It is also almost Christmas!! Sorry I have not really posted a whole lot this week, I have been extremely busy with work, shopping and trying to get the big content ready. I’m sure everyone else is very busy as well getting last minute shopping in.

I will be doing a lot of Christmas shopping today and wrapping presents so FEEL FREE TO SEND ME ANY FITNESS QUESTIONS AND I WILL ANSWERS THEM! You can go to the CONTACT page and send them through email and I will email back!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and has fun seeing all the family!

Oh and the picture is my dog with an ugly Christmas sweater haha




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