Meet Day at Old School Gym! VIDEO and recap



The first thing I want to say is that this power meet was not my best performance at all but such a great learning experience. I made a lot of dumb mistakes between nutrition and training that I will be fixing for next time. Some of my main mistakes were:

CUTTING WEIGHT- If you want to be a strong as possible and set PR’s then I would not cut weight. It’s not like you’re going to set world records when you go to a meet like this. The only reason I wanted to do it was for the experience and to teach myself as well as you about cutting weight and the effect. I was only a few pounds away so that’s another reason I did it

MAKING TOO BIG OF JUMPS-I had made the first big mistake on my last attempt on my squat. It went from 225 as an opener and 275 which I smoked both very fast, but I made a 70 pound jump and went for a PR of 345. I didn’t even warm up before the last attempt, it was a very dumb mistake of me to do but in the moment it felt like I could give it a shot. So watch your openers and attempts if you do a power meet. I will definitely be prepared to take on better attempts next time because of this mistake.

This kind of brings me to my next one which is picking openers. My squat and dead lift openers were too light, I had to make such big jumps just to try to make something close to a PR. So I will pick my openers a little bit more wiser next time to set me up for success towards the end.

Another huge effect was my nutrition. It wasn’t the best leading into the meet, the night before and the day of the meet. The day of I got so nervous that I could not eat breakfast and I just was not hungry the rest of the day. I might’ve snacked on a couple of pieces of beef jerky and granola bars. On the bright side my hydration was great, I went through almost a gallon of water in the whole meet and some Gatorade.

I made a lot of other little mistakes like not warming up as I usually do, technique errors on some of my lifts, not having a lot of confidence in my dead lift-I could’ve done more.

All in all I learned a lot of great things from a lot of great people. It was an amazing atmosphere. I will definitely train differently in the future for this and I will definitely be back for another meet soon. Thank you for all the support! I have a special shout out for Dylan and Wes for helping me for a few days leading up to the meet and taking care of some of the recording. They also supported me the whole entire day which lasted from about 9 to 5.



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