Bring your A game everyday


Some of us may have a job we don’t like, don’t like the things we have, don’t have the right people in our lives. So many people want a change in life but there’s a key work in this sentence, can you guess what it is..? WANT. We as human beings want so many things in life and will continue to say “I want this” or “I want that”. There is a difference between wants and needs. Not everything is a need but if you make it a need then this is where you may start to find out that you actually have to go work for it DAILY. I know that we all have the potential to do something amazing in the world no matter what it may be. I can only think of one thing everyday when I wake up, it’s something I have learned from experience so many times and a topic that so many successful people talk about all the time. I’m not saying that I am successful but to me, I don’t want to be successful anymore. I have personally in my mind made it a NEED to be successful in what I do. I don’t want to just play the game, I want to change the way the game is being played. In order to do this, I know I need to do one thing DAY IN AND DAY OUT.. BRING MY A GAME.

When you don’t bring your A game and go %110 at something, guess what?? SOMEONE ELSE IS. This might be why you didn’t get that job or that starting spot on the team. Could be because you took the time off when that other person in line was hungry for what you have. Talent will only get you so far in life, the rest is working your ass off and not looking back. When we played football in high school, my coaches always said something that stuck, “If you make a mistake out here, it better be full speed”. When I make a mistake, I’m always thinking on the fly about how I’m going to approach it next time. I’m thinking fast, because I need the problem fixed in order to keep moving forward.

Time is so important. You almost always have to give up something to become great at something else, so it better be worth the time and something you love.

I absolutely love what I am doing with this blog and helping others change their life because it’s just what I want to do. I wanted to work at the gym ever since I walked in for the first time and now I’m working in one. I wanted to be a trainer for most of my life, now I am certified with 4 more coming. But at some point all these “wants” that I have just said turned into “needs” in my head so I did what I had to do to get in the position I am now. I brought it EVERYDAY and I am so thankful I did because this is just the start to what my next “needs” are. I will continue to keep bringing my A game because I am hungry to be on top in what I want to do. I also know that there are other people that want it just as bad as me. This is why bring it every damn day.

-Alex Costa-

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