How making goals can change YOUR life

img_0745 This picture is my list of goals I will shoot to accomplish in the month of December. I have made one every month this year and I have witnessed the benefits of this through the whole year. Some goals I have kept the same, but most are different each month. I do not always check off each task I set out to do but that is part of the game. That also motivates me when I see I didn’t check off everything the previous month. I believe if you try this for one month that you will soon find out that this can lead and motivate you to some impressive things you personally want to accomplish.

I want to give you some additional tips and advice when doing this. Not every month, you will meet each goal. This is okay because if you have to rewrite the goal you missed that month onto next months goal list then it can become fuel to the fire very easily. Some of my bigger advice on this would be:

  1. WRITE these down ONTO PAPER, not in the notes app in your phone. By writing them down, this will make you look at them in your hand writing every time. I believe it has more meaning to it and it is one of those things you have to just try yourself and you will understand.
  2. Put it somewhere where YOU SEE IT EVERYDAY. This is extremely important for multiple reasons. When I wake up, and walk out my bedroom door, I see my goals on the wall next to the light switch because that is one of the first places I look in the morning and last places I look before bed from hitting the switch. A lot of us leave it in the notebook attached, most of us will forget about it in a few days or lose the notebook. So put it somewhere that you look everyday.
  3. CHECK THEM OFF as you accomplish each one. This is such a great feeling when you get to cross something off the list that you have dedicated your time to. Again this is something you just have to try and you will know exactly what I am talking about.
  4. Set REASONABLE GOALS when starting off. You don’t want to get discouraged off the bat or you will have the feeling of not believing in what you are truly capable of. I am not saying don’t believe in yourself and put “lose 3o pounds” in one month but maybe shoot for 5-10 pounds first and see how it goes.
  5. DON’T WORRY WHAT OTHERS THINK. These are your goals and not everyone has to see them unless you want them to. I posted mine to show you guys that I don’t mind if you guys have weird thoughts about them simply because no one else in this world is ME or will think like I do. YOU HAVE ONE LIFE and ONE CHANCE to live your dream. Go do whatever you can to make that dream a reality and make yourself happy. If anything, you should be supportive off others goals because they are trying to better themselves in certain aspects of THEIR life.


These are my biggest tips and pieces of advice about something that has changed my life completely. I’m not saying that you will not be successful if you don’t set goals but this has been one of the best changes I have ever made in my life.

I CHALLENGE YOU to make a list of goals in December that you want to accomplish. Make it a list of at least 3, not all have to be fitness related but make it something you really want to get done.


Thank you for all the support, share this with your friends and family because I believe anyone can get better with a simple starting point.                                                                                          -Alex Costa-


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