3 MUST HAVE exercises for your back

img_2503 I would like to start off with a huge thank you and shout out to everyone that has shared my blog on social media and all that have supported it! It truly means a lot to me. Do me a favor and share or tell someone about this blog to keep the knowledge spreading to help others!

Now it is time to get to business, I have 3 great back exercises that will help you get the lean, strong looking back you always wanted. Not only will these exercises help get you a better looking back but this will help you develop a healthy back.

#1 on the list is dead lifts. The dead lift can scare a lot of people because they think that this exercise can lead to injury. This can be true, but only if you are not perfecting the form. If you do not know what a dead lift is or want to check your form, check out the Vault of Gainz page in the menu bar at the top and go to the BACK section. This exercise has many variations to help with different goals you may have, such as if you have trouble getting the bar speed off the ground or locking out the top of the rep. I will eventually have a post that will help you with these goals on the dead lift for those who want a stronger dead lift. This exercise in my personal opinion is one of the best lifts period. It can be a true test to see how strong an individual is from how many muscles are activated. Some of the benefits to dead lifts are:

  •   Improving your overall posture when done correctly as well as stability in the body
  • It can burn fat at a great rate when programmed correctly
  • It can increase hormone production and testosterone
  • Reduces depression
  • Improves grip strength
  • It will strengthen your back to support everything else


#2 on my list is a pull up. A pull up can be a hard exercise to achieve for all different body types, BUT it does not mean you are not capable of performing a slightly different variation to have the same benefits. A pull up will really target your latissimus dorsi (lats) which everyone wants developed. If you do not know how to perform a pull up or feel the need to check your form, check out the Vault of Gainz section on the blog and go to the BACK category. There you will also see lat pull downs which is a great variation if you can not quite perform a pull up just yet. You will find different variations to do so you can target the muscle a little different each time. Some of the benefits to pull ups are:

  • Builds solid muscle in the top portion of your back, especially the lats
  • Builds grip strength
  • It is a multi-joint exercise so you will build the back, biceps and even your shoulders
  • Many variations to do if you can not perform a normal pull up or to just have fun when training


#3 on my list are back rows. A back row can be easily incorporated into your training and have endless variations to target the muscle differently while making your training fun. I have these in the Vault of Gainz as well in different variations. The row will target just about your whole upper back depending on which variation you choose to do. Some of the primary muscles being hit will be lats, trapezius, teres minor and major, as well as your biceps. Some benefits to this exercise are:

  • Getting a strong, healthy back
  • Hit a lot of muscles at once
  • burns calories fast if programmed correctly


This is 3 must have exercises for your back. This article is my opinion based off of my knowledge and past 6-7 years experience. I have seen a lot of great benefits to having a health, strong back due to having these type of exercises put into my programming. Try some of these out in the gym and let me know how it works for you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.



Thank you again for all of the support, I hope this helps you as mush as it has helped me!                   -Alex Costa-



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