What made me start this blog

I have always had a passion for fitness, but an even bigger passion for helping others. I knew that if I could bring these two things together that I love, I could help create a change in other peoples lives for the better. Not just say ‘do this exercise for so many sets’, but include value to another’s life.

I was very lucky for the way I was raised by my parents and family with always making sure I had good manners and respected others. As I have grown older, I see that everything they did for me, they did for a reason. I always wanted to create a change but never knew how i was going to do it until recently. As far as the fitness part of this, my older sibling were always in sports, which means I always saw them workout. They would show me how to do push ups and sit ups from a young age and would always challenge me to do more.

I believe the one moment where I really fell in love with lifting was the day I went to the gym with my older brother Nick. We got into the gym and I was so young that I wasn’t really aloud to use free weight on the bench, so my brother brought a broom stick that people used to stretch and put it on the rack. As he walked me through all the steps to a proper benching technique, I found it so interesting. I remember all the loud music blaring through the gym, the sound of the weights banging together, and just how badass i felt being in a gym at that age. It’s a feeling that i never forgot and luckily it is also a feeling that I am able to relive every morning at 5 AM when I go to train.

The feeling of going early everyday and getting my workout in is unable to be explained. The feeling of getting a new PR (personal record) on a big lift is so satisfying when you put so much work into it, day in and day out. The feeling of confidence is so high because I did those extra sets at the end when I was tired and still made it to the gym when I really didn’t feel it that day. These are just SOME of the feeling I have because of training and working on my overall fitness. I want to share these feelings with others because it is so worth it to go through the pain temporarily. The feelings you get from this can change your life!

So I urge you, if you want change, to keep up to date with my blog so that I can recreate the type of change that I have experienced into your lives. One of my main goals is to add value and help make an impact into your life as I lead by example.

Thank you all for your support. God bless.

-Alex Costa




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